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Next Life: Lester Rey
Appears The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing
Cloud-Atlas Autua 001
Appears Adam's Journal
Actor David Gyasi

Autua, a member of the native Moriori people of the Chatham Islands, is featured in The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing - which consists of chapters 1 and 11.


Autua is first mentioned in "The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing" as Ewing sees him being flogged by the Maori Kupaka on the Chatham Islands. The native's next appearance is on the ship Prophetess, where he has escaped and is hiding as a stowaway hiding in Adam Ewing's cabin. Autua pleads with the captain, who is bent on tossing the stowaway overboard, and after Ewing's intervention on his behalf he is allowed to demonstrate his skill as a seaman and to work for his passage on the ship. With some outside perspective on the situation, Autua is intuitive enough to see through the ruse of the so-called "doctor." Just as Ewing is nearing death from Goose's arsenic poisoning, Autua forces him to drink enough water to dilute the poison, which saves Ewing's life. Autua jumps ship with Ewing on his shoulder and takes the sick man to a hospital run by nuns. A humble Autua insists that Ewing's decision to prevent him from being thrown overboard is the reason he was there to save Ewing's life - and thus Ewing actually saved himself.


"Patience more, Mr. Ewing—this place smell death—I take you to Sisters."

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