• XD1

    Cloud Atlas: Review Roundup

    October 26, 2012 by XD1

    The Wachowski/Tykwer epic Cloud Atlas is finally here! After months of speculation, we can finally experience the novel live, on the big screen... but how good is the movie, according to the critics? Viewers so far have been very positive according to Metacritic (9.3/10) and Rotten Tomatoes (79%), but critics have been much harder on it with those same sites listing 52% and 59% approval respectively from top critics. Here's what some them had to say:

    Score: 4/4
    Surely this is one of the most ambitious films ever made.

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    Score: 3/4
    Enormous in length and scope, a film whose purpose doesn't even begin to come into focus until two hours in.

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  • XD1

    Cloud Atlas: Predictions

    October 18, 2012 by XD1

    I was going to write a predictions blog for the movie, but I've read the book. It seems so far like they're sticking pretty close, so we pretty much know exactly what will happen already.

    I will say - I think there is a lot of Oscar potential involved - so here are my Oscar predictions:

    • Best Actor: With so many different, and diverse roles to showcase his range in Cloud' - Hanks has yet another shot at best actor.
    • Best Actress: Halle Berry might have a slim shot at this, but I'm sticking with "slim" until I see the film for myself...
    • Best Costume Design: This might be a no-brainer with the wide range of timeframes this story spans.
    • Best Makeup: Here again, with so much to work with, the makeup crew will either be overwhelmed, or brilliant. I'm leani…
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  • Mollyac

    Listen to 90 second clips from each track of the Cloud Atlas Soundtrack (to be released 10/23/12) on Soundcloud.

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  • XD1

    A Beginner's Guide to Cloud Atlas

    September 25, 2012 by XD1

    There are actually six different stories in Cloud Altas - each set in a different era - with six different sets of main characters. Each story loosely relates to the others on one level or another, and in some cases characters will appear in more than one story, but otherwise they are individual tales - each with their own stylistic flair.

    The novel Cloud Atlas is laid out in such a fashion as to repeatedly leave readers with one cliff-hanger after another. This is accomplished by splitting the book down the middle so-to-speak, with the fist halves of the stories in the first half of the book and their conclusions in the second half. In the middle of the novel, sits Sloosha's Crossin' an' Ev'rythin' After (chapter 6), which is the only tale in…

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  • XD1

    After reading the novel, I was left wondering how exactly this collection of stories could be done justice on the big screen in only 2 hours. Turns out, the film is actually 164 minutes long - which I suppose is a start... The grand scale of the timeline involved should certainly prove an interesting challenge for makeup, wardrobe, and set design (does anyone actually build sets anymore?), and I'm eager to see such a wide range of characters being portrayed by some of Hollywood's best-known talent.

    I recommend the book highly to everyone, though I thought it started out slow, with a degree of confusion as to the choice of composition. As the novel progresses however, the pieces begin to fall into place, and the overall cleverness of the int…

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