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  • Philip Lee (exec)
  • Uwe Schott (exec)
  • Tom Tykwer
  • Lilly Wachowski
  • Lana Wachowski
  • Stefan Arndt
  • Grant Hill
  • Alex Boden (UK)
  • Tom Tykwer
  • Lilly Wachowski
  • Lana Wachowski
Story by
Based on
  • Tom Hanks
  • Halle Berry
  • Hugo Weaving
  • Susan Sarandon
  • Hugh Grant
  • James D'Arcy
  • Zhou Xun
  • David Gyasi
  • Jim Sturgess
  • Keith David
  • Jim Broadbent
  • Doona Bae
  • Ben Whishaw
Everything is connected.
Music by
  • Reinhold Heil
  • Johnny Klimek
  • Tom Tykwer
Editing by
  • Alexander Berner
  • Claus Wehlisch (co-editor)
  • A Company
  • X Filme
Distributed By
  • Warner Bros. Pictures (United States)
  • Focus Features/Universal Pictures (International)
Released on
October 26, 2012
164 minutes
United States

Cloud Atlas is an epic adventure-drama film written and directed by The Wachowskis (Lana and Lilly, known as The Wachowski Sisters) and Tom Tykwer. Based on the 2004 novel of the same name by David Mitchell, the film boasts a large ensemble cast - necessary to cover the film's multiple storylines. Production began in September of 2011 at Studio Babelsberg in Germany, and the film was released on October 26, 2012


"Cloud Atlas explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future." [1]

The film consists of six interrelated and interwoven stories that take the viewer from the South Pacific in the nineteenth century to a distant, post-apocalyptic future. Unlike the original novel, the film is structured, according to novelist David Mitchell, "as a sort of pointillist mosaic: We stay in each of the six worlds just long enough for the hook to be sunk in, and from then on the film darts from world to world at the speed of a plate-spinner, revisiting each narrative for long enough to propel it forward." [2]

The six stories are:

  • South Pacific Ocean, 1849. Adam Ewing, an American lawyer from San Francisco during the California Gold Rush, has come to the Chatham Islands to conclude a business arrangement with Reverend Giles Horrox for his father-in-law, Haskell Moore. He witnesses the whipping of a Moriori slave, Autua, who stows away on Ewing's ship, and convinces Ewing to keep him hidden, then to advocate for him to join the crew as a freeman. Meanwhile, Dr. Henry Goose slowly poisons Ewing, claiming it to be the cure for a parasitic worm, aiming to steal Ewing's valuables. When Goose attempts to administer the fatal dose, Autua saves him. Returning to America, Ewing and his wife, Tilda, denounce her father's complicity in slavery.
  • Cambridge, England and Edinburgh, Scotland, 1936. Robert Frobisher, a young English musician who is gay, finds work as an amanuensis to famous composer Vyvyan Ayrs, allowing Frobisher the time and inspiration to compose his own masterpiece, the "Cloud Atlas Sextet". Ayrs wishes to take credit for the piece, and threatens to expose Frobisher's scandalous background if he does not comply. Ayrs is shot by Frobisher in a confrontation between them, and Frobisher flees to a hotel. There, he finishes his masterpiece and shoots himself only moments before his lover Rufus Sixsmith arrives to save him.
  • San Francisco, California, 1973. Luisa Rey is a journalist who by chance meets an older Sixsmith, now a nuclear physicist. Sixsmith tips off Rey to a conspiracy regarding the safety of a new nuclear reactor, but is killed by hitman Bill Smoke before he can give her the report that proves it. Isaac Sachs, another employee at the power plant who seems to find her familiar, also gives her the information, but he is killed by Smoke, who runs Rey's car off a bridge. With help from the plant's head of security, Joe Napier, she evades another attempt against her life, that results in Smoke's death, and exposes the plot to use a nuclear accident for the benefit of oil companies.
  • United Kingdom, 2012. Timothy Cavendish, a 65-year-old publisher, has a windfall when Dermot Hoggins, the gangster author whose book he has published, infamously murders a critic and is sent to jail. When the author's associates threaten Cavendish's life to get his share of the profits, Cavendish turns to his brother Denholme for help. The brother tricks him into hiding out in a nursing home, where he is held against his will and treated poorly by the tyrannical Nurse Noakes. Cavendish and a few of his fellow "inmates" then plot a successful escape.
  • Neo Seoul, (Korea), 2144. Sonmi-451, a genetically-engineered fabricant (clone) server at a fast-food restaurant, is interviewed before her execution. She recounts how she was released from her compliant life of servitude by Hae-Joo Chang, a member of the local Resistance, and other rebels. They reveal to her that fabricants like her are "recycled" into food for future fabricants, and hold off a brutal armed assault as she broadcasts this information to the world before her capture.
  • The Hawaiian Islands on post-apocalyptic Earth (dated "106 winters after "The Fall", identified as 2321). A tribesman named Zachry lives a primitive life after most of humanity has died during "The Fall" and is plagued by visions of his people's perception of the devil, "Old Georgie", a representation of his guilt for not interfering in the murder of his brother-in-law, Adam, at the hands of the Kona Chief, leader of a tribe of vicious cannibals. He is visited by Meronym, a member of the "Prescients", the last remnants of a technologically-advanced civilization. In exchange for saving his young niece from a venomous bite, Zachry agrees to guide Meronym into the mountains in search of Cloud Atlas, an outpost station where she is able to send a message to people who have left Earth and now live on other planets. After returning, Zachry discovers the murder of his tribe at the hands of the Kona. After killing the Kona Chief and a number of his tribesmen, Zachry and his niece join Meronym and the Prescients in a journey to a new world.

A seventh time period, about 25 years after the Hawaiian one, is featured in the film's prologue and epilogue. In the prologue, a lone Zachry delivers a monologue, and his location is not revealed. In the epilogue, Zachry is revealed to have been telling these stories to his numerous grandchildren, with two moons in the night sky and Earth visible as a pale blue dot. Meronym emerges from their home and they embrace. [3]


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