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Denholme Cavendish
Appears The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish
Relationships Timothy Cavendish, brother
Denholme Cavendish
Appears Timothy's Ordeal
Actor Hugh Grant
Relationships Timothy Cavendish, brother
Georgette, wife

Denholme Cavendish is the brother of Timothy Cavendish from whom Timothy requested a large amount of cash to save himself from relatives of Dermot Hoggins. Denholme tricked Timothy and directed him to the Aurora House nursing home which Timothy believed to be a hotel. His actions result in his brother's pain and humiliation at the hands of Nurse Noakes. It is unknown what happened to him after Timothy escaped, but considering the publication of Timothy's book; Denholme was most likely cast in a bad light.  


Timothy wonders if Georgette has told Denholme that she and Timothy had slept together. Timothy calls his brother's home late at night and learns that Denholme has drowned in his own fish pond.


Timothy calls his brother's home late at night. Denholme admits to having sent Timothy to Aurora House because he had learned that Timothy and Georgette had slept together as well as showing no remorse. He also asks his brother to consider why he has been sent there before hanging up.

Earlier Life[]

Denholme Cavendish already appears in David Mitchells first novel "Ghostwritten" of 1999 as the owner of a Hong Kong based law firm, in which the character Neal Brose works.