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Previous Life: Isaac Sachs
Dermot Hoggins
Appears Chapter 4
Referenced Chapter 8
Relationships Eddie Hoggins, nephew
Jarvis Hoggins, nephew
Mozza Hoggin, nephew
Dermot Hoggins
Appears The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish
Actor Tom Hanks
Relationships Eddie Hoggins, brother
Jarvis Hoggins, brother
Mozza Hoggin, brother

Dermot Hoggins, the author of the popular book "Knuckle Sandwich." He is featured in The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish - which consists of chapters 4 and 8.


"Duster" Hoggins is a writer employed by Timothy Cavendish, and is the author of the popular book "Knuckle Sandwich." An incident involving Hoggins occurs on the night of an awards presentation at a restaurant is filled with authors, editors, and book critics. Towards the end of the evening, Hoggins is upset that one of the critics there, Mr. Felix Finch, panned his book, which was Hoggins' only review. Hoggins begins making a scene, egging on the crowd to congratulate Finch. When the hapless critic inquires as to the prize, Hoggins tells him it's a free flight and proceeds to fling him off of the twelfth floor balcony. After that incident, Hoggins' books sell off the shelves and make Cavendish quite a bit of money. While Hoggins is in jail, Cavendish is visited by the author's thuggish nephews, who are looking for their share of the revenues. However, Hoggins, in his original contract, signed away all rights to the book.


""So who's expired in an ending flat and inane quite beyond belief now?"
—Dermot Hoggins

Film portrayal[]

In the film adaptation, Dermot Hoggins is portrayed by actor Tom Hanks.

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