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Eva Ayrs
Appears Chapter 2
Chapter 10
Relationships Vyvyan Ayrs, father
Jocasta Ayrs, mother

Eva van Outryve de Crommelynck is the seventeen year old daughter of Vyvyan and Jocasta Ayrs. She is featured in Letters from Zedelghem - which consists of chapters 2 and 10.


At the beginning of the "Zedelghem Letters," Eva spends her weekdays with a family in nearby Bruges while she is in school, returning to the Chateau on the weekends. She takes a dislike to Frobisher, and the reader is left unsure whether it is jealousy or a secret attraction to the young man, but she treats him brusquely and rudely. After Frobisher has been at the Chateau some months, Eva goes off to school in Switzerland, returning towards the end of his stay with the Ayres. In the second half of the "Letters from Zedelghem" story, Eva makes a casual remark to Frobisher, which he interprets as a confession of love. He turns out to be tragically mistaken. It is, instead, a Swiss fellow student whom she loves.

In Mitchells novel "Black Swan Green" (2006), a grown old Eva appears as teacher on poetry for the main character, thirteen year old Jason Taylor. As the novel is set in 1982, she must be 68 at that time. She retells the story of Robert Frobisher, falling in love with her (but she not with him) - to get her point of view on the events serves as a kind of caveat for the narration out of Frobishers perspective in "Cloud Atlas".


"I think you're ill, Robert. You should leave now."
—Eva Ayrs

Film portrayal[]

Eva does not appear in the film adaptation.

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