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Hae-Joo Im
Appears Chapter 5
Chapter 7
Actor Jim Sturgess

Hae-Joo Im is a post-graduate student at Taemosan University, and part of the Union revolutionary group. He appears in An Orison of Sonmi-451 - which consists of chapters 5 and 7.

The Novel[]

A post-graduate student at Taemosan University, Hae-Joo Im is first seen delivering the news of Wing-027's destruction to Boom-Sook Kim. He befriends Sonmi-451 in the first "Sonmi" chapter, and later when Sonmi has moved to the Unanimity Faculty, he begins escorting her on weekends to restaurants and the theater. When the professor is captured and killed, Hae-Joo Im reveals himself to be a part of Union, a counter-corporate group hoping to overthrow the current regime and restore respect for human rights to the region. He leads Sonmi on a whirlwind escape throughout the Nea So Copros countryside, becomes her lover, and encourages her to write "Declarations," a fabricant "Bill of Rights." In the end, it turns out that he is just another corporate deceiver.

The Film[]

In the film, Hae-Joo Im is combined with Chang to produce a character (Hae-Joo Chang) that is much more sympathetic to Sonmi-451's cause.


"Sonmi- 451, I am not exactly who I said I am."
—Hae-Joo Im