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Henry Goose
Appears Chapter 1
Chapter 11
Henry Goose
Appears Adam's Journal
Actor Tom Hanks

"Doctor" Henry Goose, introducing himself as an English doctor and surgeon to London nobility, is featured in The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing - which consists of chapters 1 and 11.


The doctor meets Adam Ewing on a beach in the South Pacific on one of the Chatham Islands as Ewing's ship is being repaired. The ship's captain persuades Goose to board the vessel, at least to its next port, Hawaii, in order to treat the captain for an undisclosed ailment. The doctor agrees, and later Ewing also confesses to being ill so he agrees to look at both men and treat them if he can. As it happens, Dr. Goose is not a medical doctor at all, and is instead a dangerous con man of sorts. Rather than treating Ewing, he has plays on his victim's hypochondria - slowly poisoning him with arsenic - with the intent of stealing his jewelry, money, and documents. Goose's plan would have succeeded if it weren't for the Moriori stowaway Autua, who intuitively saves Ewing from the brink of death. Dr. Goose manages to escape in the end, and disappears into the shady sub-culture of 1850s Honolulu.


"My peregrinations began in that dark hour."
—Henry Goose
"The law of survival is Eat or be Eaten. That's it."
—Henry Goose

Film portrayal[]

In the film adaptation, Henry Goose is portrayed by actor Tom Hanks. He is killed when Ewing hits him with a treasure chest full of gold to save Autua.

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