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Previous Life: Native woman
Next Life: Luisa Rey
Jocasta Ayrs
Appears Letters from Zedelghem
Relationships Vyvyan Ayrs, husband
Eva Ayrs, daughter
Robert Frobisher, lover
Jocasta Ayrs
Appears Robert's Letters
Actor Halle Berry
Relationships Vyvyan Ayrs, husband
Tadeusz Kesselring, former lover
Robert Frobisher, lover

Jocasta is the wife of Vyvyan Ayrs. She is Jewish and has fled Germany.

The Novel[]

Jocasta's full name is revealed to be Jocasta van Outryve de Crommelynck; she had not changed her last name when marrying Ayrs. She has a testy relationship with her seventeen-year-old daughter, Eva. She occasionally intervenes in feuds between her husband and Robert Frobisher. She later becomes Frobisher's lover. Frobisher strives to conceal the relationship, but later learns that Vyvyan Ayrs has been aware of it all along. While sharing Frobisher's bed, she tells him that Eva is forbidden to him.

The Film[]

Jocasta Ayrs is the wife of Vyvyan Ayrs and is much younger than her husband. There are no offspring to be seen. Both Jocasta and Vyvyan are impressed by Frobisher's musical ability. Tadeusz Kesselring, a German who was once Jocasta's lover, visits the family while Frobisher is in residence. Kesselring has rejected Jocasta because she is Jewish and she can not abide his rejection. She and Frobisher become lovers. Frobisher later learns that his relationship with Jocasta is part of Vyvyan Ayrs plan to control him.


"I want you to know something, Robert. If you ever touch Eva, I'll find out, and I'll destroy you."
—Jocasta Ayrs