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Joe Napier
Appears Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery
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Appears Luisa's Mystery
Actor Keith David

Joe Napier is the head of security for the Seaboard Corporation. He is featured in Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery - which consists of chapters 3 and 9.


In addition to being the head of security for the Seaboard Corporation, Joe Napier also served with Luisa Rey's father, Lester, in the Buenas Yerbas Police Department - during which time Rey saved his life and was severely injured in the process. Napier is given "early retirement" after the death of Seaboard CEO, Alberto Grimaldi, and the subsequent take-over by Lloyd Hooks. Feeling an obligation to protect Lester Rey's daughter, Napier attempts to warn her of the danger from Bill Smoke and the Seaboard people. He rescues her when she is caught in a planned explosion at the bank where she is picking up a hidden copy of Rufus Sixsmith's expose, and the pair escape through the streets and warehouses of downtown Buenas Yerbas. He arranges a meeting between Luisa and Megan Sixsmith at the local museum. When he and Luisa follow Megan's hunch to search Sixsmith's yacht for another copy of the expose, Napier and Bill Smoke kill each other in a shoot out.


"Cat burglars make resourceful soldiers, and the draft board wasn't being choosy..."
—Joe Napier

Film portrayal[]

In the film adaptation, Joe Napier is portrayed by actor Keith David. Unlike the book, he doesn't get killed by Bill Smoke in the film.

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