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Lloyd Hooks
Appears Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery
Lloyd Hooks
Appears Luisa's Mystery
Actor Hugh Grant

Lloyd Hooks is a character in both the novel and the film, but his actions and fate differ.

The Novel[]

It is implied that Lloyd Hooks was responsible for ordering the explosion on the plane that kills Alberto Grimaldi, Isaac Sachs, and ten others. Hooks takes over the Seaboard Corporation after Grimaldi's death, as was his plan. His holding corporation, Trans Vision, acquires Spyglass magazine where Luisa Rey works, and he orders her fired. In the end, the reader learns that it is Hooks, not Grimaldi, who ordered the murder of Rufus Sixsmith and the attempted murder of Luisa. He is exposed in the end and arrested. He skips bail and flees the country.

The Film[]

Hooks is the chief executive officer of Seaboard Corporation. He orders the death of Rufus Sixsmith. He hired Smoke to kill Issaac for files of the report. He is later arrested for his crimes.


Film portrayal[]

In the film adaptation, Lloyd Hooks is portrayed by actor Hugh Grant.

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