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Previous Life: Nurse Noakes
Next Life: Old Georgie
Appears Chapter 7
Appears An Orison of Sonmi-451
Actor Hugo Weaving

The Film[]

Boardman Mephi is a Unanimity "problem fixer" who visits Sonmi in her cell after her capture.  He tells Sonmi that there is much debate over what to do with her now that they have her.  Her breaking from the "natural order" and escaping with Commander Hae-Joo Chang is obvious evidence that fabricants are able to display free will.  This, of course, is threatening to a society that engineers clones to keep as slaves.  

Sonmi is a problem.  She is his problem.  He must destroy the evidence of a fabricant clone with free will, so he orders her to be excised.

As Mephi turns to leave her cell, Sonmi asks what has happened to Chang .  Mephi deals the crushing blow... "Killed, I was told."

He closes the door behind him, leaving Sonmi to grieve the loss of her soul mate.