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Previous Life: Tilda Ewing
Mexican Woman
Appears Chapter 9
Mexican Woman
Appears Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery, Luisa's Mystery
Actor Bae Doona

The Mexican Woman is a lookout at a sweatshop where illegal immigrants work. Luisa Rey and Joe Napier flee into the building to escape Bill Smoke.

The Novel[]

In the novel, the woman interrupts Smoke long enough for Luisa and Joe to escape. She also helps Luisa and Joe escape through a passage in the sweatshop. She also kills one of Bill Smoke's associates, with a monkey wrench, after he has asked for Luisa and Joe's last words, allowing the pair to escape.

The Film[]

Mexican Woman after she killed Smoke

The Mexican Woman after she killed Smoke

In the film, Bill Smoke kills the woman's dog and calls her a "wetback." Before Smoke is able to shoot Luisa and Joe, the woman sneaks up behind him and beats him to death with a wrench, commenting, "Yo amaba ese perro" (I loved that dog) and "Don't call me a 'wetback.'"


The Mexican woman as she encountered Luisa Rey and Joe Napier