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Nurse Noakes
Appears The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish
Cloud-Atlas Nurse-Noakes 001
Appears Timothy's Ordeal
Actor Hugo Weaving

Nurse Noakes, head nurse at the Aurora House rest home, is featured in The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish - which consists of chapters 4 and 8.


Nurse Noakes is the authoritarian and sadistic head nurse at the Aurora House "hotel," which was recommended to Timothy Cavendish by his brother, Denholme. Once there, however, the facility turns out to be a "rest home" for the elderly, complete with locked doors, no windows, and run by Noakes. Consistently shown to be unnecessarily cold and heartless, the tyrannical nurse takes a kind of sadistic pleasure in caning Cavendish after he is caught trying to escape, and subsequently induces a stroke to make him docile. Later, Noakes goes to special lengths to taunt Cavendish by hanging a Christmas stocking in his room full of the torn up pieces of a letter he had written to his secretary requesting a rescue. However, she could not prevent Cavendish from forming an elaborate escape plan and was detained while the party hijacked a car, and was last seen in the bar brawl when she confronted Cavendish; the latter saying that once his own book is published, Noakes will likely be arrested.

Film portrayal[]

In the film adaptation, Nurse Noakes is portrayed by actor Hugo Weaving in a fat suit, described by the actor as a 'kinky Nurse Ratched', referring to the villain of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, which seems to be the inspiration. Here Noakes' tyranny is downplayed but she is shown to be a formidable fighter, only being taken down when the Highlander breaks a barrel of wine on her head.

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