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Cloud-Atlas Meronym 001

Meronym, a Prescient.

The Prescients are a tribe of people who come to barter with the people of the "Big I" twice a year. They are described in the sixth chapter, Sloosha's Crossin' an' Ev'rythin' After. Their island, Prescient I, is located somewhere north and east of Hawaii, presumably the Aleutian islands of Alaska. The Prescients society is dying out from a plague, and healthy envoys like Meronym, are sent to outposts, such as "Ha-why" in order to keep their species alive.


  • Prescient I, which was removed from maps before the Fall
  • Ank'ridge, a plague-ridden community near Prescient I (modern-day Anchorage, Alaska)
  • Far Couver, a community between Ank'ridge and the home of the Swannekke (modern-day Vancouver, Canada)
  • The home of the Swannekke, a tribe that breeds horses (modern day California)