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San Francisco
Referenced Chapter 1
Chapter 11
Inhabitants Tilda Ewing
Appears Adam's Journal
Inhabitants Adam Ewing
Tilda Ewing
Haskell Moore

San Francisco is a rapidly growing city on the west coast of North America.

The Novel[]

Adam Ewing yearns to return to San Francisco to be with his wife, Tilda, and their son, Jackson. Adam incurs the wrath of the mate of the Prophetess when he draws a map of the gold fields near the city for a member of the crew.

The Film[]

Adam returns to San Francisco and, with the aid of Autua, goes to his home and is greeted by Tilda. After he fully recovers from being poisoned. He burns the contract signed by the Reverend Giles Horrox and tells father-in-law, Haskell Moore, that he and Tilda are returning to the eastern United States to work for the abolition of slavery.