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I was going to write a predictions blog for the movie, but I've read the book. It seems so far like they're sticking pretty close, so we pretty much know exactly what will happen already.

I will say - I think there is a lot of Oscar potential involved - so here are my Oscar predictions:

  • Best Actor: With so many different, and diverse roles to showcase his range in Cloud' - Hanks has yet another shot at best actor.
  • Best Actress: Halle Berry might have a slim shot at this, but I'm sticking with "slim" until I see the film for myself...
  • Best Costume Design: This might be a no-brainer with the wide range of timeframes this story spans.
  • Best Makeup: Here again, with so much to work with, the makeup crew will either be overwhelmed, or brilliant. I'm leaning toward brilliant.
How do YOU think Cloud Altas will fare at the Oscars?

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