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Appears Chapter 5

Wing-027 is a rugged kind of fabricant known as a "disasterman." He appears in An Orison of Sonmi-451 - which consists of chapters 5 and 7.



Wing-027 meets Sonmi-451 on her second day in the lab when he brings her clothes and helps her get oriented. Wing is a "disasterman," that is, he is designed to operate in lands contaminated with radioactive or biological waste, namely the so-called deadlands. He stands over three meters tall. Wing makes a fairly brief, but extremely important apperance in the story, as he gifts Sonmi a "sony" (a hand-held computer) capable of displaying an encyclopedia of knowledge and literature. This prompts Sonmi to begin working her way through school on her own, beginning with elementary school. In six months, she has already completed secondary school.

It is when Sonmi learns of Wing-027's destruction as a result of his grad student's carelessness that she meets another pivotal character in her life, Hae-Joo Im. Sonmi is distraught at losing her only friend at Taemosan.


Does not appear.